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Hi! My name is Marta and I am pursuing a professional career in web and app development. Having a strong academic background in engineering and biology, I set out on a journey of self-discovery and growth when I took on a challenge of learning how to develop highly functional web applications. Continuous learning has proved my self-discipline, motivation and resourcefulness. Moreover, putting my skills to a test every day helps me acquire new knowledge, deliver better results and keeps me up-to-date with the industry’s best practices. There is nothing better than highly functional technology that delivers outstanding results. Whether it is purchasing something online, getting geolocation, or connecting to the database - I will generate the right solution for You and Your clients!

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Recepies Blog

  • front-end & back-end
  • JavaScript, React, CSS, Node.js, Next.js
  • MongoDB, Markdown, Vercel
  • Front-end and back-end template for blog posts (written in markdown)
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Burger App

  • front-end
  • JavaScript, React, CSS
  • React-redux, Axios, Firebase, Webpack
  • Front-end solution for creating and ordering a burger
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  • front-end
  • Sass, HTML, JavaScript
  • -
  • Bamboo getaway off grid hut rentals website template
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Jeallyn Tria Homes

  • front-end & back-end
  • JavaScript, NodeJs, Next.js, Sass
  • Markdown, MongoDB, Vercel, Nodemailer
  • Online buisness card for a young realtor utilizing Next.js.
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  • front-end & back-end
  • JavaScript, Node.js, React, Bootstrap, CSS
  • React-redux, MongoDB, Heroku
  • eCommerce webapp using MERN Stack, deployed on Heroku
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Scuba App

  • front-end
  • JavaScript, React Native
  • React-redux, Firebase, Google Maps API
  • React Native App build for Android users, published on Expo
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Barb has the key!

  • front-end
  • JavaScript, Next.js, Styled Components
  • Vercel, EmailJS
  • Simple website for a new REALTOR® based in Colorado Springs